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New Server Events

Posted at: 2018-11-23 04:03:24

1.Login events

Login every day for claiming items;

2.Flash pack

Spend a small amount of money and get a lot of items with a low discount.

3.Sign in reward

Sign in every day to get item, when you continue sign in ,you can get the Peace Goddess handbook.

4.Frist topup pack

0.99$,19.99$ and other first topup packgift.

5.Ranking Events

Ranking everyday for precious items. Especially rank 1 to get uinque Title.

6. Invest plan

Invest 7.99$ for more diamonds.

7.Developement Fund

Cost 20000 diamonds to get lots of diamonds back.

8.New server Discount Packs are limited sold!

More events are waiting for you. Let us wait and see.

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